Free expression

  • Roy Ruepert / Fine Art and Design in Education

‘The images that I create arise from play. I construct the image in an intuitive manner. The themes in my work often stem directly from my childhood. Mermaids, animals, and pop stars play a role in conveying my thoughts about education and art. As such, I’m reacting to what I perceive as the overly-pretentiousness and exclusivity of the world of art. I illustrate this critique by placing myself and my images on the border between crafts and art. Experimenting, playing, investigating, and creating are central to my vision of art education and to my own artistic practices. It’s all about free expression: nothing is compulsory; everything is possible! In this way, students will develop a new outlook on art, the world, and themselves.’


Film: Inge Meijer (Class of 2012)

Music: Max Ligtenberg (MediaMusic student)



Education in Art