One square fits all

  • Karin Vlug / Fashion Design

‘My collection, “One square fits all,” consists of cloth pieces of various forms. These pieces contain tunnels and incisions, and the designs are made by lacing these together with ribbons. A complete wardrobe requires no more than ten cloth pieces. The placement of incisions and tunnels, and the self-designed fabrics form the essence of the design. The inspiration came from Ikea, which utilises home assembly.


I make couture by tearing cloth sections off the roll, so to speak. In addition to a bit of silk and mohair, I use various types of synthetic fabrics and bath mats. Treatment with a laser or heat stamp machine melts the materials into something new and creates the incisions and tunnels. In the foreseeable future, I imagine making my made-to-measure designs available for download. The wearer will be able to make pre-programmed incisions and tunnels in the cloth sections at home using a laser or stamp, and can then lace the pieces together.’


Karin Vlug has won the Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2014.


Film: Maxime van der Maesen voor Ontwerp Platform Arnhem Arnhemse Nieuwe
Photos: Peter Stigter