Monument for ‘the man who saved Paris’

  • Gerald Mulder / Master of Architecture

‘In 1774, Paris was shocked by sudden collapses in the south side of the city. The cause was pegged as abandoned quarries. King Louis XVI appointed the task of saving the city to the Quarry Inspectors. Architect Charles-Axel Guillaumot was the first Quarry Inspector. My research on Guillaumot led me to ten sites in the city that are linked to a time in his life. Together, these places form a route of experiences through Paris: the Monument to Charles-Axel Guillaumot. It shows visitors the wandering, despair, euphoria, resignation, revelation, disillusion, reparation and the infinite character of the work of Guillaumot. It shows where Paris came from, and how its origins could have also been its downfall.’


Film: Inge Meijer (Class of 2012)

Music: Max Ligtenberg (MediaMusic student)

Architecture and Interior