Less is More

  • Sirkka Hendriksen / Interior Design Associate Degree

‘I was seeking an optimal layout for an industrial shed in Amsterdam, a place where creative entrepreneurs can rent a studio. The intention was to make the collaboration between entrepreneurs more accessible. This led to a grid, consisting of squares and circles and a surface area of 12 m2, which provides the entrepreneur enough space for storage, a desk, and walking space. The grid is made out of a helm rail, to which curtains of various materials are attached. This flexibility ensures that collaboration occurs more quickly; all you need to do to sit together is push aside a curtain. When the workplace project concludes, you just need to disassemble the tracks and curtains, which could later be reused. The materials I used have all been given a different purpose other than what they are used for in everyday life: materials such as felt, cardboard, and bubble wrap.