• Milou Adjanga / Theatre in Education

Milou Adjanga was born in Rotterdam, and wanted to return there following her education. For those reasons, she did her graduation performance in Rotterdam. ‘I met and worked with three 16-year-old actors: Tom de Haan, Emma Klip, and Yannick Kersten. I adapted Runnin’ Blue, written by Anouk Saleming, to fit three roles.’


Runnin’ Blue

‘The story follows Veerle (Emma), who is chasing after her great love, Nick (Yannick), who is about to catch a flight. But during this trip, she encounters Thomas (Tom) and a special bond forms. During the play, the actors step out of their roles to also offer their own opinions over what they are doing which ensures the necessary conflict. If Veerle had left her house two minutes later, and had subsequently missed her train, she would have failed to meet Thomas and what would have happened then? It all comes down to fate. Can you determine your own path, or is it already set out? By God, or is it coincidence?’



‘What fascinates me as a theatre maker and as a person are the people around me. Where do they come from and where are they headed? Each day, you encounter so many people but everyone is heading in their separate directions. Wouldn’t it be special to travel along with someone? What I’ve learned is that it makes no sense to wait. Make sure you’re doing what you want to do. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to make Runnin’ Blue. It resulted in a funny, energetic, and moving performance. I grabbed fate by the collar. The performance was very well received and has offered me new opportunities.’


Fotography: Ernst Klip