Found Footage

  • Moyca Gort / Product Design

“The theme for my graduation collection stems from my fascination for the beauty of items we commonly deem ‘useless’. Market carrier bags, cleaning cloths, loo paper, bottle tops and clips; these are all products in which I recognise beauty. I have taken the beautiful details, interesting shapes, the exciting properties of the materials and technical potential and incorporated them into designs for a collection of fashion accessories. The collection consists of bags, jewellery and scarves. I want my collection to show people that ‘useless’ can also be ‘useful’. It’s resulted in a new and exciting concept.


My method reflects my urge to collect things. I make a habit of collecting all kinds of small, insignificant items from my surroundings, and experimenting until I discover a use for them. I upgrade the materials by using them as graphic, constructive elements of my designs.


I want the users to understand the story behind my products; to recognise the aesthetic value of ‘uselessness’. I want them to notice the things that seem insignificant and commonplace. I want them to be puzzled and amazed.”