The new living room

  • Rike van de Grift / Master of Interior Architecture

“I switch on the 3D printer to print the meat while I fetch the pans from the corner where our youngest daughter is happily playing on her tablet. Her father is in his own zone working on the laptop, and I can see our eldest daughter listening to music on the bed in her room. Back at the kitchen unit, I put the potatoes on. When I was the same age as our youngest, the boundary between the eating and sitting areas was clearly defined, and the furniture was carefully arranged around a central point: the television. I could never have imagined that the television would disappear from the living room altogether. My own mother remembers the advent of the television and living room democracy in the 1950s, when she had to sit on the sofa next to her parents. It’s much easier now that everyone has their own personal relax furniture. “Bring your chairs, kids. It’s time to eat.” (2025)


Rike van de Grift took the Master’s in Interior Architecture: “I was getting sick of staring at the back of telephones and tablets in my living room. Surely I could come up with a concept that would create a balance between social contact in the living room and the use of new digital media?


Making a contribution to the field is an important aspect of completing the Master’s programme. Graduation has resulted in a concept that every interior designer could apply to the living room, and even to the whole house.


In my new living room concept, the various functions have been distributed throughout the area to generate movement. Movement stops family members from losing sight of each other. Each individual can relax in his or her own zone, or they can come together simply by shifting the modular furniture. Our increasing tendency to work or play on our own tablet or laptop and shut out the noise of family life by using earplugs, means that we need to be able to see each other. The living room is the nerve centre, surrounded by the other zones. Halls and corridors have been dispensed with.”


Sketch of floor plan:

Relaxation zones evolve alongside the walking routes. Large, medium-sized and small. This floor plan can be used for living rooms of different shapes and sizes.