If the last bit of civilisation disappears

  • Eva Heijnen / Theatre

‘For some time, I’ve felt the need to further investigate my creative abilities; the actor as author. Therefore, I want to use my minor to develop myself in two aspects of theatre production: my personal and my theatrical side. The personal development relates to the path that I want to follow to get to the core of my existence as a theatre maker, to determine more precisely in which form and content I find the most inspiration, which stories I wish to tell. I link that as a matter of course to the theatrical side: how do I present my message as strongly as possible; how do I use that to reach my audience; which theatrical elements do I need to integrate?’


This is what Eva Heijnen wrote in her graduation plan. For graduation purposes, she conducted research resulting in the creation of a performance: ME, KUSAMA. Eva: ‘I am fascinated by the moment in which the last bit of civilisation falls away and people begin to do inappropriate things. Therefore, as a starting point, I began my work with the art and autobiography of Yayoi Kusama. She inspires me greatly, both with what she creates and what she says. I think she has discovered a nice line of separation to be able to make art about things that people consider to be inappropriate, but to do so in such an attractive way that people admire her art. She knows how to reach people.’


Creation and production

‘In her golden years, my character, KUSAMA, invites the world to visit her one more time during her “Final Happening”. This happening will be about beauty, dots, life, and art. I carried out the creative and production sides myself. I gathered people together, initiated discussions with theatres, and did my own PR. I learned an incredible amount from this for the projects that I’ll go on to work on after graduation. Our graduation class has formed a theatre company under the name Stormvogels. I will also produce my own performance with Toneelgroep Maastricht. I am extremely satisfied with the research and the performance. The show performed in Rotterdam, Den Haag, and twice at school, and there is a chance that ME, KUSAMA will be revived once again later.’


An audience reaction over ME, KUSAMA:

(…) Mysterious, sensitive, macabre, flexible, and heavy; surprising, but also moving. Beautifully staged and costumed. You swept me off my feet and carried me through (…)


Photo: Timo Ottevanger